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Barco Scrubs

Some medical personnel prefer colorful scrubs to plain ones, both as a way to express their individual style and as a way to make patients more comfortable. Wearing patterned scrubs can give patients and personnel something to talk about. Barco scrubs come in many different styles, colors and patterns to fit anyone’s taste. They are very functional; different styles have different numbers of pockets in different places, so whether you need to carry many tools and instruments or almost nothing you will have the right number of pockets.

Barco scrubs are designed to be very comfortable, as well, with different neck lines for the tops and different waist and leg styles for the pants. Scrub jackets are also available for those who often get cold, work in rooms that are necessarily cooled, or just want an extra layer of protection at work. Some styles of scrubs only come in a few colors, but scrub tops are made in a wide range of colors, patterns, and prints. Traditional pastels, brighter colors, and bold patterns are all available, as well as some unique styles. Barco scrub tops come in a ‘wrap around’ design, made to look like a robe tied in front. This style comes in numerous prints that are sure to brighten up any office. Barco also makes a variety of tops printed with Disney characters, for those who work with children or who are children at heart. For those who want to express their individual color in their work uniform, Barco scrubs are the uniform to buy.

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